Women’s Health

We provide a full range of services, including a specific Well-Women Consultation, more information on which can be found here.

We also provide advice on contraception, including fittings for Mirena Coil or Implanon implant,, advice on family planning, menstrual disorders and the menopause. Dr. Carmel Murphy and Dr. Maura Linehan are specially trained in the insertion of the coil and Implanon.

Cervical Smears

Our practice is registered with the Cervical Check Programme which entitles women aged between 25 and 60 to free cervical smears. All that is required to partake in the free programme is a valid PPS number. More information on this service can be found here. (https://www.cervicalcheck.ie/)


Mirena Coil Insertion

The Mirena Coil is a small device that is placed in the uterus to provide 5 years of contraception. Low levels of a hormone known as progesterone, is gradually released for the period of time the coil remains.

We offer this service here at the surgery. An initial appointment to discuss this procedure with the doctor is required where swabs and/or a smear may also be taken. A second appointment is required for the actual fitting of the coil. This is a simple procedure, taking approximately 30 minutes.

The procedure costs €275, covering the two appointments outlined above and also a third appointment 6 weeks later when you can come back for a review.

Implanon Insertion

Implanon is a small plastic device containing a low dose of the hormone progesterone which is released slowly over three years. It is inserted into the upper arm and should be removed or replaced after three years. This procedure takes 30 minutes.

Emergency Contraception

All our doctors can offer advice regarding the need and the options for emergency contraception. The ‘morning after pill’ can in fact be taken up to three days after unprotected intercourse.

More information regarding your contraceptive options is available here : https://www.sexualwellbeing.ie/sexual-health/contraception/your-choices/  

Crisis Pregnancy Options

Our doctors can help and advise regarding options in the case of crisis pregnancy.

Fertility Care

If you have any concerns regarding a delay getting pregnant, our doctors can discuss and advise you. We will also carry out preliminary investigations, and subsequently refer you on to a consultant if required.

Antenatal and Postnatal

We provide Combined Mother & Infant, antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) care under the combined care scheme with the hospital.

This service is available by completing a Mother & Infant application form with your Doctor and we submit it for approval. This service is available to all mothers with a valid PPS number.

The service covers 6 antenatal care consultations and a postnatal consultation for Mum and Baby at two weeks and a six week developmental check for children registered with this practice.


When Menopause Starts

Menopause usually starts between the age of 45 and 55. The average age for a woman to reach menopause is 51.

Early menopause happens when your periods stop before the age of 45.

But around 1 in 100 women experience menopause before 40 years of age. This is known as premature ovarian insufficiency. If you experience menopause before 45 years of age, this is called premature or early menopause.

Short videos below are here to give you some general information about Menopause, what it is, how it is diagnosed, and what to expect from its treatment.


Flu & Covid Information

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