Sexual Health

STI Screening

We can carry out a full screening service for sexually transmitted infections. Our staff are highly trained in this regard and all consultations are strictly confidential. We also carry out screening on patients without obvious symptoms but who may be concerned or are at risk.

The vast majority of these infections are easily treated by your G.P. and if diagnosed early do not cause any long term complications.

The test takes around 30 minutes. STI screening involves a detailed history with a clinician who will decide what tests you require. You will then have bloods taken. A urine sample will also be collected in the surgery. Vaginal and penile swabs may also be required. The testing is quick and is not painful.

We test for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and we can also examine for genital warts and herpes as appropriate.

Flu & Covid Information

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