New Dermatology Clinic

We welcome patients to our new Dermatology Clinic. Dr Tony foley has a special interest in Dermatology.

He will see patients for all skin conditions including Mole Checks, Skin Cancer Screening, Acne, Psoriasis,

Eczema, Skin tags, Verruca & Warts.

Call Kinsale Medical on +353 21 4772253 and ask for a Dermatology Clinic Appointment. 

Patients from other practices will require a referral letter from their GP.

Price List

Dermatology Consult: €120

Roaccutane Consult: €150 ( 1st appt ) 

Roaccutane Consult: €120 ( 2nd appt onwards )

Roaccutane Consult: GMS Patients €80 charge 

Flu & Covid Information

Flu & Covid Vaccine Information (IMPORTANT) Click Here To Read